"Hey Doll" takes extra effort and steps to assure only the highest quality products & services bare our name. By choosing to purchase this/these product(s) from "Hey Doll" you are stating that you have inspected, reviewed, and accepted the condition of the product at the time of sale and find it satisfactory and met your quality expectations.

Customer also acknowledges that "Hey Doll" staff equipped you with information below; you fully understand and agree to each one:

  • Proper care of product (doing the following will render my warranty void)

    • No showering for 48hours

    • No coloring or any hair treatment

    • No long exposure to sunlight

    • Avoid beaches and salt water

  • Warranty

    • Customer must raise his/her concern within 48 hours after purchasing Hey Doll's products/services.

      • Upon Hey Doll management's acknowledgement of customer's concern(s), he/she must be able to return to the shop (Po's Building Scout Madriñan) within 1 week for the product/service to be inspected/deliberated upon in order for it to be covered by warranty.

        • Product must not have been tampered with

        • Product must still be intact (having extensions uninstalled outside of Hey Doll will render warranty void)