Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Products & Services

Is it Human Hair?

Yes, we only sell extensions made of 100% TOP NEW YORK QUALITY human hair.

How long does permanent hair extensions last?

3 months or more with proper care.

How long does it take to install permanent hair extensions?

1-2 hours, for tape-in/i-tip installation.

3-4 hours, for tape-in/i-tip installation with color/treatment.

What is the difference between i-Tip and Tape-in extensions?

i-Tips use micro rings to interlock the extensions with your hair.

Whereas, Keratin tape is used to attach tape-in hair extensions to your hair.


Which is better clip-on or permanent extensions?

It depends on your preference, doll. Some clients like removing extensions at the end of the day, so they get clip-ons for that. Some don't have have time, so they get permanent extensions.

Can I shower, brush, curl, and dye my hair extensions?

Yes, you can treat your Hey Doll Extensions as you would your own hair.

Is it okay to have my hair rebonded or brazilian blowout prior to the hair extensions installation?

For newly rebonded hair, only i-tip hair extensions can be installed or you will have to wait atleast 1 month before your tape in hair extension installation as it will affect the keratin tape's hold on your hair.

For hair that undergone brazilian or keratin treatment, you can have both types of hair extension procedure anytime after.

After removing my hair extensions, can I reuse it?

Yes, with proper care Hey Doll Extensions can be reused for up to 5 years.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

With proper care and regular retouches your hair will not suffer from any damage. Make sure you get retouches every 2-3 months.

How often do I have to get retouches?

It depends on the speed of your hair growth and how you care for your hair. If your hair grows fast, you need to get your hair retouched no later than 2 months.

Do you customize?


Yes, please place order 1 month in advance.

What colors are available?

We can color your Hey Doll Extensions to match your hair.

Size Chart (Hair Extensions Length)

We offer three standard lengths - Chic, Princess, and Mermaid.

*We accept custom made hair extensions.


Booking & Shipping

Do you take in walk-in clients?

Best to set an appointment, as we prioritize clients who pre-booked; but feel free to swing by our shop.

How to reserve a slot?

We require a deposit fee of P3,000 to reserve a slot, in lieu of us not entertaining other clients for your chosen date and time. This is non-refundable and non-transferable.

What's your cancellation policy for appointments?

Your appointments are very important to us; hence your chosen date and time is especially reserved for you. While we understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary, we respectfully request at least 48 hours notice for cancellations.

Do you ship?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

What are your modes of payment?

Cash, bank deposit, or online transfer.

Do you accept credit cards?

Not at the moment.

How to care for your hair extensions?

Can I wash my hair?

Yes, avoid shampoos with sulfate and use hydrating conditioners.

*Treat your hair extensions as you would your own hair. Anything that damages natural hair can damage your extensions as this is made of 100% human hair.